A Commercial Debt Collection Agency is a company that performs collection functions from business to business.  Regardless of how tight your in house procedures are, you will have troublesome invoices at some point.  When they reach a certain point, it's not cost effective for you to spend any more time on them.  This is when you need a professional, experienced partner, to ensure the highest possible rate of recovery.  Not only do we provide that, but also allow you to enjoy a little headache relief while freeing up valuable time for you to get back to what you do best.

For example, a client comes to us after an invoice has been past due for  X days and all of their efforts to get paid have gone unanswered, or without results.  We then represent them by gathering all the documentation, correspondence, and facts of the situation, then contacting that Company to  get the matter rectified.  Many times a third party intervention is all it takes to get a troublesome invoice turned back into cash.  We are professionals with all the tools, experience, and knowledge it takes to resolve these sensitive situations.

Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC was created with all the best of the debt collection industry in mind.  We left out, or improved upon all the rest.  We don't imitate, we innovate.  If you're tired of watching your receivables and losses grow, give us a call.   We specialize in large balance, complicated matters for a variety of industries.  We won't take you on as one of our select clients, unless we are confident we can help. 

Best of all there is NO COST for you, UNLESS there is a recovery! 
Don't wait until year end to address mounting losses.  Be the hero for your companies bottom line, and parter with us today!

Thank you!

Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
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Any business or Professional Service Firm that is owed money stands to gain by trusting CRS with their accounts.  You have extended products or services, and in many cases built a relationship in the process. Now that the money isn't coming in you aren't sure what your options are or what you should do.  Let our professionalism and experience go to work for you. 

Accounts placed with us are only worked by a veteran in the field of credit and collections with top level negotiation skills in the industries in which we specialize.   Our business is built on results for our select client base, we give your organization a more professional and thorough option than traditional collection agencies. Our process, resources, and approach (before, during, and after) are what sets us apart. 

You can trust your personal CRS consultant to guide you through your best options and put numbers back on the books where they belong.  It's no secret that, in this economy, this is a service businesses are in dire need of.  On cases like these we earn no fee unless there is payment. You have nothing to lose, and good funds to gain! 

Reach our Client Services Department at 636-487-0986 for a confidential consultation, or e-mail us through the
CONTACT page for more information and to request a rate sheet. 

**We also offer a Pre-Collect Letter Service for a small one time fee.