Integrity and professionalism are a few of the main reasons we are such a wise choice for your recovery needs.  Not only do we stay up to date on, and strictly in compliance with, all applicable State and Federal laws, we also have a trusted Debt Collection Attorney on retainer.  We are always working to expand our attorney network to help us serve your needs

Legal and ongoing training/Compliance

*Tested on FDCPA every six months for past 10 years.

*We constantly research and update all aspects of Federal and State Compliance in all fields in which we operate. 

*FDCPA  - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

*FCRA – Fair Credit Reporting Act

*Graham Leach Bliley


*Strict compliance with all domestic and international Commercial Collection Laws

When you trust CRS with your client and customer information, we do not take it lightly.  Everything we do is set up to maintain the highest level of security for personal and non personal information.   We operate beyond the standard when it comes to data-management
considerations are taken from placement to completion to ensure your data remains secure, and gets properly destroyed when it is no longer necessary to be kept on file.  We stay in strict compliance with the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act in regards to personal information storage and destruction.