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Small business often faces big problems when it comes to accounts receivable and debt collections issues. Most of my articles are directed toward educating you on how to do things yourselves, and a little bit about how we can help you beyond that. 

Excuse me if this article is a bit self promoting, but what we offer to small businesses, professional service firms and freelancers is so unique and hard to find that if I don't toot our horn once in a while too many hard working businesses will lose money to difficult clients.

Here are some of the common problems you're facing, followed by the solutions (that's where we come in).  

If you're having one of these problems, match it up to its solution in the list below:

1.)  Accounting functions aren't your specialty.  Especially when it comes to asking for money.

2.)  You cannot afford experienced staff to do the tasks.  You don't have the square footage, payroll space, and don't want the cost and risk involved with bad hires.

3.)  Debt Collection agencies won't help you because you don't have hundreds of accounts to place, or your balances aren't sufficient.

4.)  You don't want to deal with the extra time and hassle of dealing with a debt collector company where you have to talk to a salesperson and don't know who is actually collecting your accounts and dealing with your customers.

5.)  You think that having a "collection agency" call your customers will hurt your relationships or reputation.

6.)  You're writing off costly losses at the end of each year and losing hard earned profit that you could be using to grow or simply sustain your business.

7.)   Your dealing with anger and stress over large balances that a client or clients owe you but you just don't know where to turn.

8.)  You think that getting a lawyer to litigate, or going to small claims court, will help your chances of recovery.

The solutions and how we can help you in an easy and cost effective way;

1.)  We know the best practices for accounting and back office procedures.  Having been in between hundreds of companies in dozens of industries, we've seen it all and know what works best for your specific type and size of business.   We are also well versed in accounts receivable and collections.  

We know how to speed up receivables and get you a cash infusion from your more delinquent and difficult customers.  We'll maximize every available dollar that's humanly possible to get into your bank account as soon as possible!

2.)  When Cambridge Receivable Solutions is your trusted accounts receivable and collection department, we represent you with expert level experience.  The person representing your business is professional, intelligent, and works with only your overall best interests in mind.  Our debt collection services are No Recovery = No Fee.  That means FREE if you don't get paid.  No more money out of your pocket.  

We'll get ourselves paid out of the recoveries at a rate that makes sense to your bottom line.  Our other services such as collection letter services and consulting offer easy to notice return on investment.  Either way the knowledge we pass along while working your accounts will pay dividends for as long as you do business.  

3.)  We accept single placement accounts because we care about small business. While we specialize in large balance claims we do accepts some minimum balances of $800.00 and there are some cases we won't accept, but we'll do everything possible to make sure you get the best information and solutions.  We want to help as many good businesses as possible get paid!  We take that seriously.

4.)  When you deal with us you are dealing with a small professional service provider. That's right we are a small business too.  We aren't a giant call center.  We are customized to help your business.  You'll deal directly with your personal cash flow consultant who will advise you on all aspects of your business AND be the one who deals with your customers!  This is the only way for small and professional businesses to go when it comes to debt collections.

5.)  The term debt collector or collection agencies comes with negative connotations thanks to the scores of low experience collection personnel employed by large corporations and predatory lenders.  Don't let that cost you money. I have created a professional option for small businesses to maximize their profits, keep their reputations and relationships in tact; all while making sure you're not going to go out of business due to losing hard earned money that you should have already.  

You can trust us to represent you strictly professionally and within the law.  We don't add to your headaches, we remove them!

6.)  The money that you "don't have time to deal with" or write off every year because you "don't think they'll ever pay" is the same type of truckloads of cash that we recover for your competitors.  This is such a misunderstood area of business.  It's no wonder that it puts so many new or small businesses OUT of business.  Let us put the money you deserve right where it should be, in your account.  All while you continue doing what YOU specialize in and getting more paying customers.

7.)  Too many small businesses have accounts receivable and debt collection issue skeletons in their closet.  Many times the business owner feels they did something wrong.  The past due client has a way of manipulating and stalling businesses into just never following up.  We know the way they operate.  We know how to get you what you rightfully earned, and show you how to strengthen your processes so you minimize coming across these difficult types as much as possible.  

The stress, anger and confusion can be bad for your health and your business. Offload this small percentage to us.  Dealing with them is our specialty.  That's how we add real value to your business.  It's not glamorous but someone has to do it.  We take pride in getting the good guys paid, the right way!

8.)  We are successful in recovering past due debts more often than winning a judgment in court is.  Not to mention it's costly, time consuming, very risky, and also is not even a viable option 98% of the time.  Let us orchestrate a pre-legal attempt.  If that doesn't work, and we think there is money to be had.  We'll let you know your next best option.  That shows good faith on your part!

So long story short, get to know our services.  No one has ever had less for having us as their secret cash flow weapon.

I'd love to have a no pressure, casual conversation about recovering your past due balances, strengthening your contracts, and making sure you have the fastest possible access to your earned income in the future.  

Author's contact information:

Jason Lindsey
President & Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
Direct: 636-238-3843
Toll Free: 1-888-908-3905  x 101 

Those accounts receivable and debt collection issues are not going to resolve themselves when ignored.  Instead they will continue to grow, compound, and decrease in value resulting in unnecessary losses of what should have been your hard earned profit.  

I've handled cash flow process improvement and accounts receivable collections for dozens of industries and enjoy sharing my experience with quality business and creative people. In my 17 years I have recovered tens of millions of dollars for my clients with NO ill effects whatsoever.  

I offer a free confidential online consultation form to allow me to reach those who can benefit from my expertise.  There is no sales funnel or obligation.  Once I receive your completed form I will assess the situation and offer my best advice whether it involves my services or not.  I offer this as a way to build new relationships, show transparency and build trust so that I can attract clients who will need and benefit from what I offer.

I add value to your company and work efficiently so that there is no risk whatsoever in having me involved with your business.  You do however run the risk of having quite a bit more time and money on your hands and experiencing less headaches.

I look forward to hearing how I can help your small business.  

Author's contact information:

Jason Lindsey
President & Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
Direct: 636-238-3843
Toll Free: 1-888-908-3905  x 101 

Debt collections and accounts receivable can be a real headache for small business, professional service firms, and freelancers! How are you supposed to stay in business if you can't get paid for your products and services?

Here are 10 things that I can tell you with certainty will help smaller operations whose clients are the same.  Ask yourself these ten questions about your business and your clients.  Give them some thought before your next engagement with a new client. Adjust your processes a little bit.  You either have someone who owes you money and isn't paying or you will.  Be prepared for it.   

1.)  Are you looking before you leap into time consuming projects?  Don’t jump headfirst into projects.  People, companies, and shiny wordpress sites ARE NOT a guarantee of status or integrity.  ANYONE can have 500 Linkedin connections, thousands of twitter followers, phony Facebook friends/likes, and a well designed website claiming whatever they want; all set up within a week or so.  You need to verify that there is substance behind it!  

2.)  Do they have a phone number, address, email, and/or anyones name/s published on the site? Gather as much contact info for them, their company, and their associates as you can!  Cross reference it all online and fact check things that they tell you.

3. ) Is your contact easy to reach? Do you have any other contacts with their company?  How fast do they reply to calls and emails?  
Information is power, gather as much info as you can up front, then update and add to it as you go along.  Sometimes there may be only one person in the company and that's fine, just make sure that one person communicates properly and has an ounce or two of integrity. 

4.)  Are you documenting that you're the good guy?  Communicate clearly about what they want, how they want it, and when they expect it.  Discuss these things in detail, and document the agreement with a signed/dated contract, and then continue to document important things via an e-mail chain especially if the project veers even one iota off the original written agreement.  If you can’t prove it, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

5.)  Do some research on your client.  Google is your best friend, use it!  Many times there are immediate red flags.  You have to work smart on this process when you and your client are too small to operate based on credit ratings etc.  Remember many of these clients have no credit, and use no credit, you have to think ahead about what your leverage and recourse will be if they try to run off with your payment.

6.)  Do they have a current social media presence?  This one isn’t an exact science, but I can tell you the businesses we chase have usually gone quiet on all online avenues once they are facing financial trouble.  Having done this so many times, I can profile subjects extremely accurately based off a few simple factors.  You can too eventually.  On the flip side many unsavory scammers are out there posting bible verses on Linkedin the same day they steal thousands from a reputable business.

7.)  Do they have an office?  Believe me there are plenty of reputable businesses that are operated from home, small offices, remotely, whatever.  However, if a business professes to be an international corporation with say thousands of employees, and there address can be traced to a double wide on google maps, then that’s a red flag.  Basically, are they professional or are they at least what they claim to be?  I've chased plenty of "Chief (fill in officers)", people with glamorous online profiles that make them look rich claiming "I love my life", and so on only to find out I am chasing what is basically a career criminal who takes advantage of everyone within 5 feet of them.  Use caution or get burned.

8.)  Are they an actual legitimate business?  Knowing how their operation is set up from a tax standpoint can give good insight.  Are they a self employed contractor under their personal name?  Do they have a registered Corporation or LLC with the Secretary of state?  Is it in good standing?  How old is it?

9.)  WHEN will they pay?  Get paid as quickly as possible.  The less time and service you put out without payment the less you are at risk to lose!  Don’t do $2,000.00+ worth of work ahead of time without talking details and then get surprised when a problem arises.  Give it some extra attention, and recover $500 at four points in the project.  You give them an inch, they will take a mile!  So have them pay by the inch if it’s acceptable in your industry, or at least with high risk or new clients! 

10.)  Are you doing your part?  Remember that you must do your part as well.  If you aren’t performing as agreed and being reasonable as well, you cannot expect them to pay good money. 

So in closing, be thorough, precise, and do not leave any gray areas no matter who you are working for.  Listen to your gut.  We are all in business to get paid, and it is not unreasonable to take that seriously.  

If you need help with any of these things we have a menu of services designed specifically to take all the time, stress, and headache completely out of the equation for you.  You're not too small to have one of the countries best representing you in strengthening your cash flow processes and making sure you're not losing unnecessary profit.

Contact the Author:

Jason Lindsey
President & Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
New Clients: 636-487-0986
Toll Free: 1-888-908-3905 

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