If your Company or Medical Practice does a high volume of business, you may quickly find yourself experiencing a large loss of earned cash flow.  As these balances compound they quickly become a major liability to your bottom line.  Over time they become less and less liquid as addresses and phone numbers change, and you are slowly put lower on the "list to pay" by those who owe you.

With or without a good in-house process these numbers can cause quite a problem for such high volume entities.  That is why today I want to talk a little bit about the Accounts Receivable Management programs we offer to
organizations such as manufacturing companies, medical/dental practices, private schools, career colleges, and any other high volume situations that produce a large complicated Accounts Receivable situation.

You work hard providing products and/or services and you deserve to receive timely payments for
them.  If your DSO is struggling and you are taking significant losses watching the numbers in your A/R column rise, consider the following option.  

Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC is set up to help these organizations shift their focus back to what they do best, while we recover, maintain and remind all of your past due invoices over 45 days past due to get and stay current!  We do so in a professional courtesy based manner that does not compromise your relationships.

By outsourcing this crucial aspect of your business you will save valuable time while benefiting from our top notch
results, resources, and experience in routing good funds back into your account where they belong.  As we implement our cost effective solutions for your business you will recover lost assets, increasing your cash flow.  You will have more time to attract and retain new business.  Our management services will strengthen your process ensuring that you will have less and less receivables as time goes on.  We not only fix your past due issues we also strengthen your future procedures to ensure less and less past due accounts, and more cash which increases healthy growth potential.

When you turn over your past due accounts, and A/R Management to us we:

-Consult with you regarding your current billing procedures, and quickly help you implement any necessary improvements.

-Allow you to put our phone number on past due invoices, to route all A/R calls to us for proper

-Send out professional letter series designed to drive payments to your desired payment method.

-Begin making persistent phone calls and e-mails to your past due customers. We use strategic campaigns designed to target the largest, furthest past due, and highest likely to pay customers first.

-Use the most comprehensive location information databases available to verify, locate, and update contact information on the subjects, as well as verify asset information and ability to pay.

-Educate and provide your customers ongoing support to remind them to pay, along with when and how to

An initial Consultation will determine exactly how much we can help your business with these programs.  We will analyze your situation and show you how we will be able to help. These programs typically provide a minimum of  350% return on your investment.  Since these programs are offered on high volume portfolio's of lower balance accounts, we charge a small per account, per month fee for servicing.  If we aren't certain that a partnership with us will increase your bottom line, we won't take you on as a client.

Cambridge Receivable Solutions is a small specialized firm designed for this type of agreement.  You will receive personal attention and client service.  We keep a small, focused,  client list to ensure that our 15 years experience pays off for you.  Every client IS number one to us.  Since that is the case we can offer more than competitive rates, but still provide better service, experience and results on your business.  Larger Corporations offering similar services often employ no experience necessary, call center, employees.  You are nothing more than a number in a cattle call with many of these companies.  We on the other hand are literally your personal specialist, and provide the results to back it up.  We want to be your partner and ensure that from the moment you join us, you don't lose any more valuable time or money for your efforts.

Don't Settle for poor or absent service!  Contact Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC.  We provide a hassle free cash infusion for your business!

Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
Client Services phone number : 636-487-3807
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