When it comes to Career Colleges, there is a unique need for tight financial procedures. CRS has proactive recovery solutions to help maximize your cash flow with regards 90/10 compliance, books, tuition, and room and board.  These services are highly effective for active, graduate, and dropped students.  We act as a financial management company on behalf of these institutions.  Rather than an invasive "collections" approach we encourage contact with students through persistent, yet courteous, correspondence.  Through these strategic campaigns we are able to maximize your access to earned income and provide out of this world return on investment.  We do so while educating students and promoting responsible financial behavior.

We have found that by helping educate the students on what, why, and when they owe, we are able to increase the flow of payments amicably.  Your institution benefits from our extensive experience in implementing strong and financially beneficial processes.  We also save your staff a tremendous amount of time by allowing you to furnish our phone number on your outgoing correspondence such as billing and past due notices.  We direct all payments to your desired location, and can assist them with payments by phone. 

Having been a part of maximizing cash flow for several large organizations, we offer you a myriad of possibilities when it comes to boosting your profits through efficient cash management and collection procedures.  Our fee structure ensures that this is a "smart money", cost effective, solution for your school.  By having an outside specialist who is not only well versed in financial aid procedures at for profit schools, but is also highly experienced in getting payments throught the door, you see an immediate increase in cash flow without any negative side effects.  We take considerable stress off of your staff's shoulders, and are able to offer valuable insight to management regarding potential fixes to procedures along the way.

If you are a financial decision maker at a for profit Career College, contact us today for more information and a free consultation on exactly how we can help you.  As with every potential new client, we will look over every aspect of our potential relationship, run through a quick phone consultation, and offer you a cost benefit analysis as to why we are a smart choice, before we proceed. 

At a time when for profit learning institutions are under heavy fire, it's nice to have a specialist on your team who can not only ensure compliance, but also maximize your cash flow and profits.  Most importantly we do so while maintaining an ethical and professional reputation, and helping you retain students.  You retain full control, and posess the ability to customize our solutions to fit your specific needs. You've had the meetings about increasing your numbers, here's your chance.  Contact me using the information below, or through our website contact page, for informational slides or with any specific questions you have. 

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