All of our clients will benefit from our years of experience when it comes to finding and utilizing pertinent information to your advantage. We do all of our homework to ensure we will be able to
connect the dots when it comes to the best account recovery.  With business accounts we dig deep into the respective industries to gather helpful information.  We can hold our own against top Attorney's when it comes to finding information, without the hefty hourly fee.

Skip Tracing


You can't be in this business and not be able to find people.  We choose Lexis/Nexis' (Accurint) unlimited data base with phones plus. If it can be found, we can find it.  This allows us to qualify the customer for a method of repayment, and verify their reason for delinquency.  We don't waste time with anything but the best when it comes to this critical tool.  It's another example of how we put extra thought and strategy into everything we do.  It's one of the many small things we do that adds big value.  This service is available to all clients portfolios.