Those accounts receivable and debt collection issues are not going to resolve themselves when ignored.  Instead they will continue to grow, compound, and decrease in value resulting in unnecessary losses of what should have been your hard earned profit.  

I've handled cash flow process improvement and accounts receivable collections for dozens of industries and enjoy sharing my experience with quality business and creative people. In my 17 years I have recovered tens of millions of dollars for my clients with NO ill effects whatsoever.  

I offer a free confidential online consultation form to allow me to reach those who can benefit from my expertise.  There is no sales funnel or obligation.  Once I receive your completed form I will assess the situation and offer my best advice whether it involves my services or not.  I offer this as a way to build new relationships, show transparency and build trust so that I can attract clients who will need and benefit from what I offer.

I add value to your company and work efficiently so that there is no risk whatsoever in having me involved with your business.  You do however run the risk of having quite a bit more time and money on your hands and experiencing less headaches.

I look forward to hearing how I can help your small business.  

Author's contact information:

Jason Lindsey
President & Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
Direct: 636-238-3843
Toll Free: 1-888-908-3905  x 101 
Sometimes there's just not an app for that!

Making sure your business recovers every possible dollar it’s earned is one of those issues.  When thousands of dollars in accounts receivables go cold, whether from one or multiple clients, you are going to need a real live, good old fashioned human being.  Not only that but someone with deep real world experience in what it takes to turn nothing back into something.  Someone with tenacity, professionalism and all the tools it will take to make the impossible happen. 

The people or businesses who are trying to get out of paying hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars for your hard work, are not swayed in the least by a friendly little reminder notice sent from your i-phone. 

You need a specialist.  A full service "do what it takes" ally who takes getting you paid seriously.

Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC is not what you typically think of when you think about a "collection agency".   We revolutionized this process for businesses like yours, the ones who need it most.  How is that you ask? 

1. We are not a call center.  Instead we are a small professional services firm of only highly experienced, educated professionals who operate strategically and intelligently on your businesses behalf.  

2.  We do not, never have, and never will work for credit card companies, telecom, payday loans or any other predatory lenders.

3.  We only help the good guys!  That's right, the good guys.  We only take on quality clients with good honest businesses who deserve to get paid for their products and services.  We operate with integrity and expect the same from our clients.

4.  We do not use automatic dialers. The business we handle needs a personal touch, the extra element of professional representation. 

5.  Our letters are on heavy stock paper with our letterhead, not multi-colored generic form letters. 

6.  Our calls and letters are tailored to each individual account specifically, which increases our recovery rates high above the industry standards.

How do you do it? They won't even respond to me, or they are just plain refusing to pay what they owe.

We use facts, evidence, the law, and persistence.  Not to mention we have the luxury of spending more quality time with your accounts than the sweat shop, archaic, collection agencies you might be thinking of. You get to rest easy knowing all possible avenues are being taken, and that if there is a chance for recovery, we'll be there to get it for you.  We take as much time as necessary to get you paid.  

We have so much experience with the psychology of recovering past due funds that we are able to do so most of the time with minimal resistance.  It really is an art form and one that we have mastered. We are professionals performing a crucial business function.  We assist small businesses who don't have the time or expertise to minimize losses effectively. 

We encourage communication, get the owing party talking wherever possible.  We present them the facts and give them a chance to do the right thing on their own which many times is all they are looking for-at least once they realize you have escalated the issue.  Also, the harsh truth is that many people and businesses stiff people all the time.  It's their way of building businesses on the backs of others.  

Some people lack integrity, so they take a "make me" type of approach to paying their bills. Some just don't have the money so until they feel it's urgent, for example getting a letter from a company like ours, they put it on the back burner.  We are proficient in getting you made a priority.  Something you just can't do with these types on your own.

We can't divulge all of our secrets but the best way to sum it up is, if there is any possible chance for you to get paid, we'll get it paid, with no hassle for you.

As a small business owner, freelancer, or professional service provider you need real, quality debt collection solutions.  That's why CRS was created to fill that void and allow you to take advantage of a smart money, cost effective way to offload some of that stress and headache and turn your stalled profit back into money in the bank.

Let us help....

How many services can you think of that only get paid IF you get the desired results? Do you have to pay a doctor if you don't get well soon? Yes.  Do you have to pay for that crappy HP printer even if it breaks after a year?  Sure do.   Do you get a refund on that produce you bought at a premium price after you get home and notice it's rotted?  Doubtful.  You see where I am going with this.  

We are one of the last real refuges of accountability.  If you don't get paid, neither do we! You pay nothing up front.  As long as you understand the following you'll know you are making a smart business decision by having us manage your past due balances...

Something > Nothing

Whether you have accounts just over 60 days past due, or over a year, we can talk about getting them resolved.  Not only that we'll be here to help you with questions on other problem accounts and to help you firm up your processes so that going forward you need us less and less.  So don't get stalled and let past due invoices sit there aging.  The older they are, the less likely you'll ever see your money.  

The sooner you take action the more we can help.  The stronger your in house processes are, the more effective we can be when the inevitable happens.  We can also help to make sure you are taking steps to minimize problems by helping you tweak your procedures, contracts, and follow up process as well.

We are successful more often than going to court and winning a judgment when it comes to recovering past due balances. Yes you read that correctly.  Not to mention you'll save a ton of time, headache, and out of pocket money.  If it has anything to do with a business owing another business money, we know the best ways to handle it and if we don't think we can help you we'll let you know that too and point you in the right direction.   

Remember our contingency collection services are No Collection = No Fee.  So you won't have to spend any more money just to find out IF they'll pay.  You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using this smart money approach.  

Good luck and contact us when you are ready to maximize your cash flow.  We will take the time to answer any questions you have and make sure our business to business relationship will thrive. We won't make you the bad guy, but we won't let you be a sucker either!

Thanks for reading!

Contact the Author:

Jason Lindsey
President & Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
New Clients: 636-487-0986

Toll Free: 1-888-908-3905 

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As the title of this post so obviously states, getting paid is how you stay in business!  It sounds like a simple concept right?  You would be very surprised at how complicated the issue really is.  I assist everyone from Freelancers to VP's of Finance, CFO's, and CEO's on A/R and Debt Collection best practices regularly, and have been in the business of getting the good guys paid for over sixteen years. 

So many experienced, as well as newly Self-Employed, Freelancers, Small Business Owners, and Professional Service Firms, struggle with unpaid invoices from clients; you're absolutely not alone. 

My goal is to continue to address the problems for these groups, as well as educate you on what you can do yourself, to help you minimize your losses.

In order to maximize your cash flow, you must first understand and accept the following;

1.)  You are responsible for seeking out, setting up, and adhering to the best possible in house practices with regards to ensuring payment for your business.  It's your first line of defense against inadvertently giving away time or resources that you provided with expectations of payment.  Whether every dollar is detrimental to your bottom line, or you're making money hand over fist, you should always be pushing to ensure that you don't leave hard earned profits uncollected.

2.)  It is imperative that you perform as agreed and only seek out work for which you are qualified to live up to your end of the bargain on, per whatever terms are understood.  If you can't reasonably do that with each client, and prove that you did, it's irrational to expect payment for such products or services.

3.)  Regardless of how perfect you set up these processes, qualify your clients, and deliver these products or services, slow (and no) payers will be a fact of life for most of you.  The statistics are out there, and I quote them often. I am also privy to first hand data, based on those we work for and against, on a daily basis.  As I said before, you are by no means alone in not getting paid perfectly.

4.)  This is an important one, and the one I believe is the biggest factor in causing losses for the groups I am primarily addressing.  You MUST know your wisest, and most cost effective, options for dealing with these non-payment situations.  If you've accepted, and stuck to, 1-3 (above) then most of this is already in place. 

5.)  The final ammunition to combat potential profit loss is to stick to your well thought out plan.  Take proactive steps to minimize the threat of such loss-in a timely fashion.  Once you understand WHY it makes sense to your bottom line, and you've stuck to and accomplished all of the above, it's easy to proceed with confidence and reap the rewards of maximizing your profits! 

In doing all of these things, and making them a priority at the appropriate times, you WILL minimize your stress levels, you'll stop wasting time that you could spend attracting and nurturing new business, and ensure that you are depositing every last possible cent that you are entitled to-with no adverse effects.

There is a general lack of specialized "in the know" information out there for you to tap into on this subject.  There is also quite a bit of misinformation out there that seems to have many of our new clients unaware of their best options, until we begin working with them.  Don't give up on payment! We recover balances from 31 days past due, to over a year old, for all kinds of clients who otherwise would have written off significant losses unnecessarily. 

Thank you very much for your time, and may your cash -FLOW- in the proper direction in 2013! 

Contact the Author:

Jason Lindsey
President & Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
Direct: 636-238-3843
Toll Free: 1-888-908-3905 Ext.101 

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Time is money...why wait?
Maximizing your profits, and access to earned income, should be a top priority all year. Don't forget the obvious; getting paid is how you stay in business. Time is money, and we are here to get you more of both. 

Top reasons to address your past due accounts now, as opposed to year end:
(In no particular order)

1.) Waiting until the fourth quarter, or (cringe) December, sends a message that you don't expect timely payment. 

2.)  Your clients financial standing may deteriorate over time. 

3.)  You have less leverage over the clients the longer you wait, especially if services are completed.

4.)  Clients will forget how well you worked for them, or how important the product or service you provided was. 

5.)  You don't want to have to "make deals" to get the money in before year end.  By doing so they may expect lower rates next time.

6.)  Other creditors likely started earlier and are already in line for payment, get the jump on all available funds as soon as possible.  Don't get moved to the back of the line!

7.)  Statistics show that troublesome invoices become less collectable with every passing month.  See the Collectibility chart below, keep in mind it will vary by industry, economic conditions, etc. but it gives you an idea (visually) how time IS money.

8.)  You should be thanking your clients at year end, not pushing for payment and making compromises.

I could go on for days, but you get the point. Contact us today to capitolize on top-tier assistance and experience, at below average rates.  Our small firm, consultative approach, affords you terrific client service and results.  Let us know if you have any questions in regards to your active receivables, or more severely past due collection accounts.  We look forward to speaking to you about your needs, call anytime or use our quick consultation form for your convenience. 

Thanks for your time!

Contact the Author:

Jason Lindsey
President & Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
Direct: 636-238-3843
Toll Free: 1-888-908-3905 Ext.101 

If you liked this article, help me share it with others who could benefit from it.  Share it on Twitter, click the like on facebook icon below, or....
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In an industry full of misconceptions, we strive to give quality organizations the option to ensure maximum recovery for products and services.  As a highly specialized, professional recovery firm, we offer a myriad of benefits to top notch organizations in the industries in which we cater to.

In short, it's our high level of integrity, experience, as well as our thorough and analytical nature, that makes us stand out to professional organizations. We eliminate the typical risks and hassles of dealing with receivables and collections. Our financial mediation approach versus the "typical collection nature" is what make us an effective, top producing, financial secret weapon for our select client base.

Aside from the obvious need to maximize access to earned income, and boosting cash flow and profit; allow me to offer some specifics on...


                            Why Cambridge Receivable Solutions?

1.)  Specialization, Customization, and Seamless Integration- Some "collection agencies" may accept any kind of business and have a less specialized approach to any certain industry.  We are as involved and knowledgeable about the industries we cater to as someone IN your industry.  We strive to understand all aspects of your industries trends, and be able to coordinate with your employees as if we are a member of your company.  Our consultative approach allows us to bridge otherwise undetected gaps in your cash flow management procedures and really customize a solid benefit for you.  We also only accept as much work as we can manage effectively, and staff for placements ahead of time!  Our extensive experience and analysis of each clients needs allows us to ensure you are treated as a number one priority.

2.)  Quality approach, a professional online presence, and a great reputation- Many of the large national agencies employ a large sales staff to bring in as much business (of any kind) as they can, and then assign inexperienced employees to these placements.  They set unattainable goals for them which ends up causing your accounts to be handled by burnt out, desperate collectors posing a risk to your reputation.  We stay away from lower tier collection portfolios, where online complaints are rampant.  Does a high profile organization want their sensative large balance accounts handled by someone who handles payday loans, or other small ticket, high risk paper?  We think not. If we aren't set up or equipped to be a home run for you, we'll point you in another direction.  We know what we can do effectively, we keep a firm grasp on it, and we nurture it.

3.)  A time saving, experienced partner- Aside from being a cash producing ally for organizations, we go beyond the call of duty.  Time is money.  We provide you with not only more money than you had before, but in doing so we are set up to save you time in the process as well.  It really compounds and equals a huge financial benefit for our clients.

Rather than have a low wage, high turnover employee handling your business while a client services rep tells you "they have their best people on it",  you actually have access to your own professional with a minimum of 15 years of top notch experience, with whom you work hand in hand; as much or as little as YOU would like.  Not only do we each have a vested interest in producing great results, and building long term relationships in our specialized industries, but we also offer a personal and transparent relationship as if we were a long term member of your staff. 

In closing, when the collection industry status quo isn't good enough for your companies needs, contact us for a confidential consultation, and cost benefit analysis of how we can add value to your bottom line.  These lean times require, at minimum, that you maximize your access to earned income on products and services you have delivered.

Thank you for your time, and please contact me directly (below), or use the CONTACT page with questions or to request more information.  We offer each prospective client a confidential consultation to determine how we can help prior to engagment.


Jason Lindsey
President & Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
Ph 636-238-3843
Toll Free 888-908-3905  Ext. 101
Like any organization offering products or services without full payment up front, architectural/engineering firms often face the daunting task of dealing with past due invoices.  Many times these situations are overlooked for too long before being addressed and end up costing tens of thousands, to millions of dollars in unnecessary losses per year. 

Proper discussion of all the possibilities and specifics on a project, sound contracts, and contract negotiations are among the important things to address up front.  Depending on the size and type of client you obviously want to perform the proper credit analysis and/or reference checks prior to engagment as well.  This is extremely important when dealing with residential clients and developers, rushing in can be a crucial mistake.  Contracts should speak to all possibilites under the scope of work, and the lines of communication should remain open throughout the project to avoid any unforeseen discrepancies.  This pertains to the work itself as well as the payment for services.  All billings and correspondence should be done in a timely manner, and kept on file. 

Regardless of your diligence in the areas discussed above, statistics show that you will still have past due invoices.  While solid up front procedures minimizes your losses, it unfortunately doesn't make you immune to troublesome accounts.  When these arise it's imperative that you have a solid process to quickly address and recover stalled funds.  You're ready to move on to the next project, and your in house staff has exhausted their efforts. With every passing day your chances and rate of recovery dwindles.  You need a collection partner, it's time to turn it over to a specialist.  This time consuming process must be handled pro-actively, with care.  Regardless of the size of your firm, not being paid for services is unacceptable.  However, being in the professional services industry requires that you approach these issues with tact and professionalism. 

Cambridge Receivable Solutions fills that need.  We bridge the gap between you and your clients to help maximize your recovery rates, while preserving your reputation for professionalism.  We're fine tuned to assist top Architectural/Engineering and Design firms.  We stay up to date on industry standards, trends, and participate in your industry groups and communities to ensure a seamless integration of our services.  

By partnering with us you can rest easy while recovering what's owed.  All of our communications and correspondence with your past due clients are top notch.  We operate using a forensic, fact based approach, to bring them to the table and recover as much as possible, as soon as possible.   As the President and Principal Consultant here at CRS, I developed this top tier service with your specific needs in mind.  Having dealt with many large and complicated non-payment issues and disputes for large firms, we are prepared to assist your company in recovering what you've earned, but not yet received.

This is an essential financial managment function that many firms haven't taken advantage of yet.  Please contact me with any questions, or for a confidential consultation regarding your specific needs. 

Thank you for your time, and best wishes!


Jason Lindsey
President and Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
Direct Ph: 636-238-3843
Toll Free:  1-888-908-3905 Ext.101

Keywords:  Architects, architectural, design, building, infrastructure, green, civil engineering, structural engineering, collections, accounts receivable managment, cash flow consulting, American Institute of Architects, International, Commercial debt collection.
If you are an organization such as an Architectural or Engineering firm, Accountant/CPA, Law Firm, etc., we want to let you know that you have a professional option when it comes to collecting past due invoices.  We are a small, specialized firm, with extensive experience helping resolve these sensitive matters proactively for organizations like yours. 

Our highly skilled consultants orchestrate a forensic, fact based, collection method that allows you to take advantage of our top level resources and experience.  We perform all the due diligence in regards to researching the subject and their assets/financial position, your industry trends, and then implement a customized collection process. 

We begin by gathering and reviewing all the pertinent information and correspondence of each case placed with us. Utilizing a professional letter series along with phone calls and e-mails, we make contact to assure that we get to the route of the problem, and get you as much as possible as soon as possible.

Our consultative approach allows you to take advantage of our experience in recovering bad debt, maximizing profits, and speeding up access to earned income.  We will work with you to ensure a cash windfall from your current bad debt portfolio, and also strengthen your future invoices to ensure less troubled accounts going forward. 

Keeping your reputation and relationships in tact is what sets us apart from the typical collection agencies.  Our diplomatic approach is more effective and takes care not to alienate your clients in the process.  We not only make handling your bad debt easier, but also more effective.  Saving your staff time and headache, while ensuring the highest recovery rate possible, is what we specialize in.

These services are done on a contingency basis.  If we accept your claims there is no fee unless a recovery is made.  It's that simple.  Don't wait until year end to address these losses.  The involvement of a professional third party will make all the difference.  We look forward to getting to know your company and helping to ensure you have the best year possible. Contact us today to discuss your organizations recovery needs, and any questions you may have.  Thank you for your time.

J. Lindsey
President and Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC

Any business or Professional Service Firm that is owed money stands to gain by trusting CRS with their accounts.  You have extended products or services, and in many cases built a relationship in the process. Now that the money isn't coming in you aren't sure what your options are or what you should do.  Let our professionalism and experience go to work for you. 

Accounts placed with us are only worked by a veteran in the field of credit and collections with top level negotiation skills in the industries in which we specialize.   Our business is built on results for our select client base, we give your organization a more professional and thorough option than traditional collection agencies. Our process, resources, and approach (before, during, and after) are what sets us apart. 

You can trust your personal CRS consultant to guide you through your best options and put numbers back on the books where they belong.  It's no secret that, in this economy, this is a service businesses are in dire need of.  On cases like these we earn no fee unless there is payment. You have nothing to lose, and good funds to gain! 

Reach our Client Services Department at 636-487-0986 for a confidential consultation, or e-mail us through the
CONTACT page for more information and to request a rate sheet. 

**We also offer a Pre-Collect Letter Service for a small one time fee.