Those accounts receivable and debt collection issues are not going to resolve themselves when ignored.  Instead they will continue to grow, compound, and decrease in value resulting in unnecessary losses of what should have been your hard earned profit.  

I've handled cash flow process improvement and accounts receivable collections for dozens of industries and enjoy sharing my experience with quality business and creative people. In my 17 years I have recovered tens of millions of dollars for my clients with NO ill effects whatsoever.  

I offer a free confidential online consultation form to allow me to reach those who can benefit from my expertise.  There is no sales funnel or obligation.  Once I receive your completed form I will assess the situation and offer my best advice whether it involves my services or not.  I offer this as a way to build new relationships, show transparency and build trust so that I can attract clients who will need and benefit from what I offer.

I add value to your company and work efficiently so that there is no risk whatsoever in having me involved with your business.  You do however run the risk of having quite a bit more time and money on your hands and experiencing less headaches.

I look forward to hearing how I can help your small business.  

Author's contact information:

Jason Lindsey
President & Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
Direct: 636-238-3843
Toll Free: 1-888-908-3905  x 101 

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You can't be in this business and not be able to find people.  We choose Lexis/Nexis' (Accurint) unlimited data base with phones plus. If it can be found, we can find it.  This allows us to qualify the customer for a method of repayment, and verify their reason for delinquency.  We don't waste time with anything but the best when it comes to this critical tool.  It's another example of how we put extra thought and strategy into everything we do.  It's one of the many small things we do that adds big value.  This service is available to all clients portfolios.