Today’s blog post was inspired by a phone call I had today with a potential client. He said something that really sums up the way many of our prospects, in all industries, probably feel about collections. When discussing the collection needs of his small Professional Service Company, he explained “I don’t want to be the bad guy (pause)….but I don’t want to be a sucker either”. 

Cambridge Receivable Solutions takes all of the good things from my 15 years experience working in the field of Collections and A/R management, plus adds a dash of vision, integrity, and professionalism that really sets us apart. We are not all about getting as many clients as we can and beating their customers into submission. I realized that there was a little too much negative emotion injected into the collection process by large agencies when they hire
inexperienced employees and set impossible to reach goals. It’s counterproductive to the client’s reputation to do that in almost every instance. 

What we do is try to get good companies with troubled invoices to get us involved. We allow them to realize exactly what is happening with their accounts, and why. This allows us to be totally transparent with them and treat their customers with respect. It is within our resources, extensive experience, and proven approach to successful negotiations that we pay off in spades to our client’s bank accounts and reputation’s.

We are fierce negotiators, but we do so by using knowledge, gathering facts, being persistent, and professional. Get us involved early on in your accounts receivable and collection processes. Let us SHOW you what we're all about.

We won’t make you into a bad guy, but we won’t let you be a sucker either!

Cambridge Receivable Solutions.
Experience. Integrity. Results.

J. Lindsey


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