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Welcome to Cambridge Receivable Solutions, or CRS.If you’re ready to increase your monthly cash flow and MAXIMIZE your profits, you’ve come to the right place. 

Any business that is owed money, that’s past due, stands to gain by partnering with us.We only accept clients in industries in which we are professionals and have top level abilities and experience to share with you. Our services quickly pay for themselves while providing you a hassle free cash infusion for your business.

CRS is a well oiled, efficient machine, and removes thetypical pitfalls in dealing with your receivables.We provide the highest level of service available, and preserve your reputation by allowing you to recover what you have
earned without the negative stigmas brought on by dealing with law firms and large collection agencies. 

Since we are a small and organized firm, we are able to offer these top tier benefits and low rates while you enjoy personal customized service.

We pride ourselves on providing no nonsense, straight to the point, effective services to our clients. We offer free consultations and would love to talk to you about your situation and how we can help.No appointments are necessary, we have someone standing by six days a week.We want to build solid long term relationships
with good businesses and provide great results to keep you coming back.There’s absolutely no pressure when dealing with us, our services sell themselves, and our passion for the industry and
success within it, speaks for itself.

Be sure to read our services page as it pertains to your business, and stay tuned to our YouTube channel by clicking the link below and saving to favorites (or subscribing if you are a youtube user).  www.youtube.com/wegetyoupaid

We would love to have your business.If you have dealt with other companies in the past and weren’t happy, please let us show you that this CAN be a painless and lucrative process.If you are using someone currently and aren’t happy with the service your receiving, let us prove to you that we’re the best by giving us a percentage of your business, we don’t mind competing to SHOW you that we deserve your portfolio.And last, if you have never consulted a professional on handling your receivables, why not start with the best?Someone who will take the time to listen to your concerns, offer you a large variety of options, and execute them flawlessly.

Please make yourself at home on our website, and contact us by phone or e-mail through our contact page at your convenience.

Thank you for visiting Cambridge Receivable Solutions, we look forward to helping your business make 2012 a great year.




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