Is Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC the best collection agency?  We say yes, but were biased.  Let us prove it to you.  Our small firm approach strengthens your position, reputation, and most importantly your cash flow.  

We offer more personal, custom attention to each client than large agencies.  When you decide to place accounts with us for monthly Accounts Receivable Management, or Collection agency services, you can rest easy knowing that they are in good hands.  You can go on about your business and we turn your past due invoices back into cash.

What makes us "The Best Collection Agency?"

Well, that's a broad title.  We can't say that we are perfect for every single situation, but for those clients for whom we are custom built, there is no better value.  Why?

-Experience.  We do not employ anyone with less than 15 years of top level experience!  Most "agencies" herd them in like cattle with no experience necessary.  Is that who you want talking to your customers?

-Integrity.  We know how to negotiate.  We also have the best tools and experience necessary for the
job.  We earned a solid reputation in the industry not only for producing top level results, but for doing so in a professional manner that won't tarnish your reputation. 

-Results.  We scrutinize every aspect of our procedures to ensure we are a well oiled machine for our clients needs.  If we can't MAKE you money, we will not accept you as a client. We operate intelligently, manage our time effectively, and work tirelessly to ensure we are a valued asset to your company.

Visit our website  and call our Client Services Department at 636-487-0986 if you have any questions.  We would love to get to know you and serve as a trusted ally in the outsourcing of your Accounts
Receivable functions, or consumer/commercial debt collections.
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC


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