As I sit here doing some industry trend research, I came across a disturbing piece of data that could explain why it seems we here at Cambridge Receivable Solutions are in high demand these days.

Have a quick look at this and see where your state falls.

Is it about where you figured?  Higher?  Lower?  These numbers have greatly increased over the last three years that I have been tracking them on this site. You can also view it by industry, by clicking on the by industry tab.

These are recent results!  It hurts me to know that every state, besides Alaska, shows greater than 10% of their invoices past due.

13 States 10-15% of accounts receivable are PAST DUE!

21 States 15-20% of accounts receivable are PAST DUE!

15 States 20% or MORE of accounts receivable are PAST DUE!

Who is policing YOUR accounts receivable?  Do you know where your numbers stand as of today?  I urge you to take a look into it, and contact us to make sure you are in the best shape possible when it comes to profitability and cash flow.

We are Accounts Receivable, and Commercial Collection specialists.  We take pride in strengthening your bottom line in a professional, ethical, and diplomatic manner!

Our Accounts Receivable Management programs strive to ensure you a MINIMUM of 400% return on investment.

It's your money, let's go get it in a way that won't harm your reputation!!!

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Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
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