Any business with past due accounts should consider using a professional third party debt collector.

Many people are reluctant to use a third party debt collector because of the negative stigma sometimes associated with it.  The truth is you are entitled to be paid for goods and services provided.  Luckily there are reputable professionals like Cambridge Receivable Solutions who can help you recover your assets without the negative stigmas or risk commonly associated with the process. 

We only employ highly experienced professionals with over 15 years of negotiation and mediation experience to handle these sensitive issues.  We use a forensic, fact based approach to get to the bottom of these matters and provide you with the most money possible, as fast as possible.

Don't let unpaid invoices collect dust and turn into a loss for your company.  You can trust a partnership with us to ensure that you don't leave any collectable funds on the table.  We only accept partnerships with a select client base for whom we can be sure our services will be beneficial.  Every client we take on is treated with top level service that will make you realize you are number one with us!

We are not in the business of wasting any time or money for our clients.  In fact it's the exact opposite, we free up valuable time for you and your employees while providing a hassle free cash infusion for your business.  Our third party collection services are done on a "no fee unless we collect" basis.

You have talked about wanting to increase your numbers, here is your chance to do it in the most simple and obvious way.  Recover what's due!

Call us for a quick consultation to discuss what you have past due and what we can do for you.



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