So, you are a business or professional service firm who is owed a large amount of money by a client and are yet to receive payment.  When all your attempts go unanswered, and you don't know where to turn, don't wait, let us help.

We handle these matters on a Contingency basis, which means we don't get paid until YOU get paid.  You no longer have to add on to your loss column at the end of the year, or get tied up in costly, time consuming legal proceedings.  Our consultants have experience dealing with cases up to $500,000 for some of the largest and most prestigious lenders and service firms in the world.

Our professional, pre-legal, fact based, forensic collection procedures will ensure that if they will pay, we will collect.  When trusting us as your recovery partner you get personal, professional service backed by 15 years of experience.

Cambridge Receivable Solutions can handle large and complicated Collection Accounts for your Company.  If our efforts do not produce the desired results, you don't pay us, and we can then suggest the proper legal steps for you to take (if applicable) and even assist in locating the proper legal representation for your organization.

Contact our Client Services Department for more information at 636-487-0986.



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