It's Saturday afternoon, and I'm still at work...and I am still thinking about Freelancers.  As the President of Cambridge Receivable Solutions, a small professional collection services firm, I take pride in finding and helping everyone I can who is owed money.  That means the freelancer with one past due account, all the way up to an international Engineering firm with many more than that.  We have large clients, and we love them too, but I personally really get
enjoyment out of recovering funds for the little guys/gals (small biz/freelancers etc.)  especially now that I see this astronomical number that's outstanding.

I am shocked by the the worlds longest  In a week freelancers alone have posted more than $16,000,000 in past due invoices.  As someone who knows the ins and outs of getting paid for products and services, this number shocks me.

Everyone is talking about "the deadbeat clients", and that is the majority of the problem, I'm sure.  However, I am here to tell you, Freelancers...some of you aren't doing everything you can to ensure you get paid.  That's okay, but it's definitely time that you all start getting your financial house in order.  SIXTEEN MILLION????

I am no stranger to having to sell folks on using collection services.  Since it is Saturday, and everything that is running through my head has been posted on my blog here recently, I will wrap this up quickly.

The bottom line is this, Freelancers need help getting paid. Hey, we're here for you!  Don't waste any more time stressing over these past due invoices.  Turn them over to us, and get back to doing what YOU do best. We'll send you a check.

Read all of my blog posts, go to our website, listen to our youtube videos, follow us on twitter...whatever it is you do. If you still have questions, call us.  In fact call me directly. Leave me a message if you miss me and I will get back to you personally in the order received. I want all $16,000,000 and counting worth of those invoices, and I want to make sure you are all doing what you need to do to avoid getting put off by clients in the

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