Today's blog post will (hopefully) be short and sweet.  I have a few simple points I want to address.  While I can only speak for our organization, here is a fresh perspective for small business owners, CFO's, and other financial decision makers in regards to getting paid.

You have provided products and services and have accounts that are over 60 days past due.  Many companies are too busy, or lack the ability to successfully follow up and collect past due balances.  Here are a few things to consider, along with how Cambridge Receivable Solutions addresses these common problems.

RATES- Is partnering with a collection agency cost effective?

Any organization with past due balances stands to gain money they would otherwise never see by partnering with a reputable collection company.  By handing collection accounts over to CRS, you are able to get back to attracting and nurturing new business.  Doing nothing will get you nothing.  Turning accounts over to a professional firm like ours ensures you will get as much as possible, as soon as possible. 

While we receive a portion of monies collected, there is no fee unless there is a recovery.  Many times, depending on your terms agreement, we are able to recover the collection costs along with the balance.  Either way, because of our experience and ability to handle these sensitive matters, your chances of getting paid increases once we are involved.  It's less expensive, less time consuming, and just as effective as pursuing litigation.  On most balance ranges this is usually not cost effective and doesn't guarantee payment anyways.  We allow you the ability to get paid without investing any more time, headache, or uncomfortable communications with your customers/clients.

REPUTATION- Is turning my accounts over for collections going to tarnish our image, or put us at risk of losing return customers?

When most people think of the broad term "collection agency", it comes with negative connotations.  Since most people have no idea about the Debt Collection industry, they relate them to a phone call they received in reference to an old credit card bill, a bogus magazine subscription etc, in which some punk tried to bully them into paying by any means necessary.  Those are usually less reputable, large, collection agencies who do step out of bounds from time to time. 

Cambridge Receivable Solutions, however, is a professional recovery firm specializing in successful collections for businesses and professional service firms. Our resources, knowledge, and experience, allow us to operate with integrity, professionalism, and strictly within the law. We open doors to communication and resolution, as opposed to slamming them.   We operate in a way that will get results without alienating potential repeat business. Being known as someone who expects payment for products and services is not a negative, but a positive.


We are here specifically to not only make the process easy, but also effective, and professional.  That's exactly what we do.  If you are taking losses, or notice your accounts receivable mounting, contact us to take advantage of the ability to maximize your cash flow and profits.  Don't deal with a large, fly by night, agency where you are just a number. The existence of these types of organizations is why Cambridge Receivable Solutions was started. We saw an opportunity to help businesses in a rough economy by allowing them to have a high level ally, who delivers results, while removing all the "typical" collection hassles.  We are quality professionals delivering a necessary business function.

Get us involved early, and often to ensure profitability and optimal cash flow.  Please contact us to discuss your organizations situation and any questions you have. 

Who can benefit from our services? 

-Architects and Engineering firms
-Consulting companies
-Colleges and Universities
-Medical Practices
-Advertising, Marketing, and PR
-Law firms
-Small business and freelancers

Be the one who actually found a way to increase numbers, not just held meetings about it !

Thanks for your time!


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07/12/2012 11:58am

Hi Mr. Lindsey its true to said that by handing collection accounts over to CRS, you are able to get back to attracting and nurturing new business.


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