In an industry full of misconceptions, we strive to give quality organizations the option to ensure maximum recovery for products and services.  As a highly specialized, professional recovery firm, we offer a myriad of benefits to top notch organizations in the industries in which we cater to.

In short, it's our high level of integrity, experience, as well as our thorough and analytical nature, that makes us stand out to professional organizations. We eliminate the typical risks and hassles of dealing with receivables and collections. Our financial mediation approach versus the "typical collection nature" is what make us an effective, top producing, financial secret weapon for our select client base.

Aside from the obvious need to maximize access to earned income, and boosting cash flow and profit; allow me to offer some specifics on...


                            Why Cambridge Receivable Solutions?

1.)  Specialization, Customization, and Seamless Integration- Some "collection agencies" may accept any kind of business and have a less specialized approach to any certain industry.  We are as involved and knowledgeable about the industries we cater to as someone IN your industry.  We strive to understand all aspects of your industries trends, and be able to coordinate with your employees as if we are a member of your company.  Our consultative approach allows us to bridge otherwise undetected gaps in your cash flow management procedures and really customize a solid benefit for you.  We also only accept as much work as we can manage effectively, and staff for placements ahead of time!  Our extensive experience and analysis of each clients needs allows us to ensure you are treated as a number one priority.

2.)  Quality approach, a professional online presence, and a great reputation- Many of the large national agencies employ a large sales staff to bring in as much business (of any kind) as they can, and then assign inexperienced employees to these placements.  They set unattainable goals for them which ends up causing your accounts to be handled by burnt out, desperate collectors posing a risk to your reputation.  We stay away from lower tier collection portfolios, where online complaints are rampant.  Does a high profile organization want their sensative large balance accounts handled by someone who handles payday loans, or other small ticket, high risk paper?  We think not. If we aren't set up or equipped to be a home run for you, we'll point you in another direction.  We know what we can do effectively, we keep a firm grasp on it, and we nurture it.

3.)  A time saving, experienced partner- Aside from being a cash producing ally for organizations, we go beyond the call of duty.  Time is money.  We provide you with not only more money than you had before, but in doing so we are set up to save you time in the process as well.  It really compounds and equals a huge financial benefit for our clients.

Rather than have a low wage, high turnover employee handling your business while a client services rep tells you "they have their best people on it",  you actually have access to your own professional with a minimum of 15 years of top notch experience, with whom you work hand in hand; as much or as little as YOU would like.  Not only do we each have a vested interest in producing great results, and building long term relationships in our specialized industries, but we also offer a personal and transparent relationship as if we were a long term member of your staff. 

In closing, when the collection industry status quo isn't good enough for your companies needs, contact us for a confidential consultation, and cost benefit analysis of how we can add value to your bottom line.  These lean times require, at minimum, that you maximize your access to earned income on products and services you have delivered.

Thank you for your time, and please contact me directly (below), or use the CONTACT page with questions or to request more information.  We offer each prospective client a confidential consultation to determine how we can help prior to engagment.


Jason Lindsey
President & Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
Ph 636-238-3843
Toll Free 888-908-3905  Ext. 101


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