Today is International Freelancers day.  If you read my blog you know that I  have taken a particular interest in educating and helping freelancers get paid from their clients.  Having handled many debt collection cases for freelancers I am aware of the best ways to ensure payment, and what to watch out for from clients.

Do you remember the $16,000,000 posted on the worlds longest invoice?

-I am the President and Principal Consultant for Cambridge Receivable Solutions.

-I have made over 360,000 calls and collected over $20,000,000 for everything from freelancers to the largest, most prestigious, lenders on the planet in my 15 years in the business.

-I am well versed in all aspects of State and Federal laws and compliance.

In honor of International Freelancers Day I will respond to 50 debt collection questions from freelancers for free, via e-mail, in the order received.  I won't get to them all today, but quickly!  Ask me anything.  It can be about a particular situation you are dealing with now, or any steps throughout the entire "getting paid" process. 

Send your question to

All you have to do is be one of the first 50 e-mails into the inbox, and I must receive the question before midnight (central time) tonight to qualify.  That's it, nothing to buy, no list to join, just REAL help. 

If you would like, connect with me on LINKEDIN, and follow us on TWITTER.

Thanks and happy freelancing!

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Jason Lindsey
President & Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC
Direct: 636-238-3843
Toll Free: 1-888-908-3905 Ext.101 

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