Now is a time when you really need to get your records in good shape.  Poor record keeping is one of the main things that puts small businesses, out of business.  You can't be out of touch with the numbers. You should have solid record keeping practices year around, a user friendly software to track your expenses/taxes, a proper invoicing system, pay close attention to the aging of any accounts receivable, and much more.  

As you know these among other things are keeping Freelancers, Small businesses and the self-employed very busy. With so many other things filling their plate dealing with finances often gets put off.   Whether you are struggling, or making money hand over fist, you cannot put off having a strong grasp on your cash flow.  Regularly published statistics, as well as the data I personally keep, shows that freelancers are taken advantage of regularly when it comes to compensation. You may have also seen the "get paid not played" campaign that saw independent workers logging over sixteen million dollars in unpaid debts.

Dealing with unpaid invoices (debts) to your small business..

Regardless of how well you adhere to even perfect financial practices, late and non-payers will become an issue for all of us at some point.  At least those of us in industries where full payment up front is not the norm.  Whether clients come to me as freelancers or the VP of Finance for a mid-sized services firm, whether they come to us with one account with a $2,000.00 balance, or twenty accounts averaging $20,000.00 a piece; they all have the same problem.....

..sometimes people don't pay what they should, when they should!

I am actively handling these situations for businesses just like yours and I'd like to help resolve any problematic invoices you currently have, and then strengthen your processes so you can avoid non-payment as often as possible in the future.   I love sharing my first hand experience with these hard working, creative, professionals and know what it takes to minimize losses.

Don't make these common mistakes..

-Not using a proper signed and dated contract (where applicable).
-Straying from the terms of service, or scope of work, on projects.
-Not invoicing properly.
-Putting in thousands of dollars worth of time without any payment up front.
-Getting stressed, emotional, or angry with a client and making idle threats.
-Allowing "seemingly good intention" clients to endlessly stall your payment.
-Forgetting or writing off hard earned profit.

For more on what you SHOULD BE DOING...
be sure to read my blog, have a look over the Cambridge Receivable Solutions website, and contact me any time to discuss your situation.  Our specialized collection service is done on a contingency basis, meaning we don't get paid unless you get paid, so no upfront cost.  In other words you'll never have less for using us as your representation in speeding up and obtaining payments professionally.  

Big business style back up, that's specially designed for "Freelancers".  I am continually designing & developing more ways to help, and will keep you informed of some new offerings coming up.  

This will be a continued "grass roots campaign", if you will, that will help the ever increasing number of independent professionals get in the know BEFORE they lose thousands of dollars.  Use my personal information below to get in touch with me directly.

Anyone who has dealt with me directly knows that I care about each client and go beyond the call of duty for the good guys!  CRS is successful in recovering bad debts more often than traditional litigation, or small claims court, even when a judgement is awarded.  


You don't have to deal with the run around in dealing with large collection agencies that don't care about your business, you don't have to do your clients any injustice, and you don't have to waste more time and stress in vain.  You're simply choosing to have a professional ally to help ensure you are paid for your work in accordance to laws and facts.  Get in touch sooner rather than later, as the more time that passes, the less likely a recovery.

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